• Vicky Pollard stealing Pic'n'Mix sweets. • Emily and Florence cycle and stop off at a tea shop. • Bubbles is followed around the health spa by the manager, who wants to know when she is going to pay her bill. • Andy watches "The Price is Right" Lou hears "Andy Pipkin, come on down!". • Judy and Maggie start to judge the homemade jams on hearing that it was made by a lady who ran off with a school mistress throws it back up. • Daffyd comes out to his parents. • Marjorie Dawes gets a Visit from Vanessa Feltz. • Mr Mann enters Roy's dating agency, and requests a woman with the name of Linda Williams • Lou and Andy take a stroll in the park, where a group of teenagers taunt them.

Transmitido o 19/10/2004
28 m
7.8/10 • 168 votos

Pequena Inglaterra • S02E01
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    Little Britain

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    Série TV

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    3 Temporadas • 20 Episódios

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    7.69/10 (18 361 votos)

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